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    Other Crosslinkers
    Item No Product Name Product Description Product Description Inquiry
    R-S-4001 SATA Protein Modifier N-Succinimidyl-S-Acetyl-Thioacetate (SATA) is used to convert primary amine groups into protected sulfhydryl (thiol; -SH) groups. 查看詳細
    R-S-9009 (KMUS), CAS#:87981-04-2 11-馬來酰亞胺十一烷酸 N-琥珀酰亞胺酯(KMUS),CAS#:87981-04-2 查看詳細
    R-S-4002 Sulfo-NHS-Acetate Sulfo-NHS-Acetate acylating agent (Sulfosuccinimidyl Acetate) is a water soluble. 查看詳細
    R-S-4003 Traut's Reagent Traut's Reagent (2-Iminothiolane HCl) is commonly used to convert primary amines into sulfhydryl groups in a one-step process is called thiolation. 查看詳細
    R-S-9007 3-馬來酰亞胺基丙酸(MPA), CAS#:7423-55-4 3-馬來酰亞胺基丙酸(MPA), 3-MALEIMIDOPROPANOIC ACID CAS#:7423-55-4 查看詳細
    R-S-9008 4-馬來酰亞胺丁酸(MBA) CAS#:57078-98-5 4-馬來酰亞胺丁酸(MBA) CAS#:57078-98-5 查看詳細
    R-S-9011 11-馬來酰亞胺十一烷酸(KMUA),CAS#57079-01-3 11-馬來酰亞胺十一烷酸(KMUA),CAS#57079-01-3 查看詳細
    R-S-4004 HPG HPG protein modification reagent (p-Hydroxyphenylglyoxal) reacts with arginine residues to give a large increase in absorbance at approximately 340 nm. 查看詳細
    R-S-4005 Iodoacetic Acid Iodoacetic Acid is ≥ 99.0% pure. Iodoacetic acid is used for the modification and alkylation of sulfhydryls (-SH) in cysteine residues found in proteins and peptides. 查看詳細
    R-S-9010 2-馬來酰亞胺基乙酸(MAA),CAS#25021-08-3 2-馬來酰亞胺基乙酸(MAA),CAS#25021-08-3 查看詳細
    R-S-9012 Sulfo-EMCS,CAS#:215312-86-0 Sulfo-EMCS,CAS#:215312-86-0 查看詳細
    R-S-9013A CAS55750-61-3,馬來酰亞胺基乙酸琥珀酰亞胺酯(AMAS) CAS55750-61-3,馬來酰亞胺基乙酸琥珀酰亞胺酯(AMAS) 查看詳細
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