The PET Bottle Washing Equipment 1000 kg/h is designed for processing plastic bottles into clean PET flakes. This production line efficiently handles PET plastic bottles, producing PET flakes that can be used in various industries such as textiles, automotive products, containers, bottle caps, mats, toys, furniture, and packaging.


  1. Label Remover: Removes labels from the bottles.
  2. Crusher: Crushes PET bottles into small pieces.
  3. Floating Washer (Separating Caps): Separates stones, metals, and other impurities.
  4. Hot Washer: Deep cleaning of the PET flakes.
  5. Friction Washer: Further cleans the impurities.
  6. Dryer: Dehydrates the cleaned PET flakes.

Performance Parameters

Incline Conveyor23kw
Bottle Crusher137+4+3kw
Label Remover115kw+1.5kw
Sorting Conveyor13kw
Screw Conveyor24kw
Floating Washing Tank23kw
Friction Washer17.5kw

Customer Case

A plastic recycling company in Romania purchased our PET bottle washing equipment to process locally recycled PET bottles. The production line operates efficiently, handling up to 1000 kg per hour, significantly improving production efficiency and meeting their production needs. The customer reported that the equipment performs stably and is easy to operate, and they plan to expand the production line further.

Related Questions

1. What types of plastic bottles can this production line handle? It can handle various types of PET plastic bottles, including beverage bottles and mineral water bottles.

2. How many people are needed to operate the production line? The production line is highly automated, requiring only a few personnel for monitoring and maintenance.

3. How is the energy consumption of the equipment? The equipment has low energy consumption, with balanced power across the production line, effectively saving energy.

4. Do you provide installation and commissioning services? Yes, we provide professional online or on-site guidance and installation services to ensure proper equipment operation.

5. How effective is the washing process? The production line employs multiple cleaning steps to ensure the produced PET flakes are clean and free of impurities, meeting high-quality recycled material standards.

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