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Plastic Recycling Solutions

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  • plastic rigid material Granulation Line

    The PP PE flake recycling line is a comprehensive system designed to efficiently convert hard plastic waste into valuable plastic pellets. It includes essential components like crushers, washing machines, and pelletizers, and is scalable from 200 to 2000kg/h to meet diverse production demands. The process prioritizes environmental sustainability and operational efficiency, making it an ideal solution for repurposing a wide range of plastic materials.
  • Plastic Film Recycling and Pelletizing Line

    Plastic film recycling and pelletizing line, automated and efficient processing of candy, snack, and clothing packaging wastes into high-quality plastic pellets, used for manufacturing plastic bags, toys, etc.
  • EPE EPS Foam Granulation Line Automated Foam Recycling Equipment

    EPE EPS foam granulation line automated foam recycling equipment recycles waste foam into granules, suitable for various industries, with a capacity of 100-300 kg/h.
  • PET Bottle Washing Equipment 1000 kg/h Efficient Automated Processing System

    PET Bottle Washing Equipment 1000 kg/h, suitable for plastic bottle recycling and processing, producing clean PET flakes for various industries.

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