The plastic film recycling and pelletizing line can process various plastic wastes such as candy, snack, clothing packaging, appliance housings, shopping bags, and garbage bags. The production line includes processes like crushing, washing, drying, pelletizing, cutting, and storing, producing high-quality plastic pellets suitable for manufacturing plastic bags, toys, furniture, and stationery.


  • Plastic film crushing
  • Washing and removing contaminants
  • Dehydration
  • Plastic extrusion and pelletizing
  • Cooling plastic strands
  • Cutting into small pellets
  • Storing pellets

Equipment Composition and Description

  • Plastic Crusher: Efficiently crushes various plastic film materials.
  • Washing Machine: Thoroughly cleans and removes impurities.
  • Dryer: Quickly dries, ensuring smooth subsequent processes.
  • PP Pelletizer: Plastic pelletizing, ensuring uniformity.
  • Cooling Tank: Rapidly cools, maintaining pellet shape.
  • Pellet Cutter: Cuts cooled plastic strands into uniform pellets.
  • Storage Silo: Stores finished plastic pellets.

Performance Parameters

NO.ItemTechnical data
1ConveyorPower: 3kw, Size: Length 5m, Width 0.8m, Capacity: 1000-1200kg/h
2PP PE crusherModel: 1000, Power: 37kw+11kw, Capacity: 1000kg/h
3Belt ConveyorPower: 1.5kw, Size: (L) 4m* (W) 0.6mm, Capacity: 800-1200kg/h
4Automatic FeederPower: 3kw, Capacity: 800-1200kg/h
5Main Plastic Pelleting MachineModel: LY-F300, Power: 7.5kw, Capacity: 800kg/h
6Vice Plastic Pelleting MachineModel: SL-220, Screw diameter: 220mm, Screw length: L1.6m, Motor: 22+18.5kw
7Plastic Pellet Bagging MachineModel: SL-260, Screw diameter: 260mm, Screw length: 3.6m, Motor: 110kw

Customer Case

A customer in Tanzania introduced our plastic film recycling line, mainly to process various waste plastic packaging materials and produce high-quality plastic pellets for manufacturing plastic bags and toys. Through the efficient processing of this production line, the customer significantly reduced raw material costs and improved production efficiency. The customer feedback indicated that the equipment is stable, easy to operate, and after-sales service is prompt. more details

Related Questions

  1. What is the processing capacity of the plastic film recycling line? The processing capacity of this production line is 100 to 500 kilograms per hour, depending on the type of raw materials and production processes.
  2. What types of plastic waste is this production line suitable for? It is suitable for various plastic films, packaging bags, appliance housings, etc.
  3. Do the equipment meet international safety standards? Every machine in the production line has CE certification, ensuring compliance with international safety standards.
  4. Is installation and operation training provided? We offer online or on-site guidance and installation services, as well as detailed operation training.

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