Tanzania – plastic film recycling and pelletizing line

Our customer is a Tanzanian factory owner, who contacted us at the beginning of 2022 to purchase a plastic film recycling and pelletizing line. After detailed communication and demand analysis, we recommended a machine with a production capacity of 200 kg/h, which meets his requirements for high efficiency and environmental protection. In order to start the project as soon as possible, our team completed the design, production and testing in a short period of time to ensure that the equipment could be shipped on time.

When the customer came to inspect the plant in person, he highly appreciated the performance of the plant and our professional service. Our team of engineers also provided technical support throughout the subsequent installation and commissioning process. Impressively, the flexible film pelletizing line is not only stable and reliable in actual operation, but also significantly improves the plant’s production efficiency and meets the local market’s demand for recycled plastics.

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