Saudi Arabia – EPE EPS Plastic Foam Granulating Line

In July 2022, we received an inquiry from a project manager in Saudi Arabia regarding an EPE EPS Plastic Foam Granulating Line. The client needed a production line with a capacity of 250 kg/h to handle a large amount of waste foam plastic locally. The project manager mentioned that due to the hot weather in Saudi Arabia, the demand for foam plastic recycling was increasing. We immediately communicated with the client to understand his specific needs and customized an efficient and energy-saving foam granulating solution for him.

After several detailed discussions, the client was very satisfied with our proposal and approved the order in early August. We quickly arranged production and completed the manufacturing and testing of the equipment in October. Before shipping the equipment, we invited the client to inspect it at our factory. He highly appreciated our factory and the quality of the equipment, praising its stability and production efficiency.

After the equipment arrived in Saudi Arabia, our technical team remotely assisted the client with installation and commissioning. Following its implementation, the client reported that the production line was running smoothly, meeting the expected output, and effectively addressing the local foam plastic recycling issue.

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