The EPE EPS foam granulation line is designed to recycle waste foam materials such as packaging foam, disposable lunch boxes, polyurethane insulation boards, and extruded boards into plastic foam granules. This production line is suitable for industries including plastic recycling, plastic manufacturing, environmental protection, and recycled plastic resources.


  1. Foam Crusher: Crush waste foam into small particles.
  2. Cleaning and Pollutant Removal: Ensure the crushed foam particles are clean.
  3. Dehydration: Remove excess moisture.
  4. Plastic Extrusion Granulation: Granulate using a specialized EPE EPS plastic granulator.
  5. Cooling: Cool the plastic line using a cooling pool.
  6. Pellet Cutting: Cut into small granules.
  7. Storage: Store the produced granules.

Performance Parameters:

Equipment TypeModelMachine Size (mm)Feeding Port Size (mm)Motor PowerCapacity (kg/h)
EPS Foam Granulator450 × 60015kw (Heating Power: 5.5kw)150-200
EPE Foam GranulatorSL-160 (Heating Ring)3400 × 2100 × 1600780 × 78030kw150-200
EPS Foam Melting Machine1500 × 800 × 1450450 × 60015kw (Heating Power: 3kw)100-150
EPS Foam CompactorVertical-SL-3003000 × 1400 × 14001100 × 80011kw150
EPS Foam CompactorVertical-SL-4004600 × 1600 × 16001200 × 100022kw250
EPS Foam CompactorHorizontal-SL-3003000 × 1700 × 900830 × 76015kw175
EPS Foam CompactorHorizontal-SL-4004600 × 2800 × 1200870 × 86022kw300

Customer Case:

A customer in Saudi Arabia successfully processed waste foam scraps using this production line, converting them into high-quality plastic foam granules. These granules are used to produce packaging materials, insulation walls, and advertising boards. The customer reported that the production line is efficient and stable, significantly reducing raw material costs and contributing positively to reducing plastic pollution.

Common Questions:

  1. What materials can this production line process? This production line can process waste foam scraps, packaging foam, disposable lunch boxes, polyurethane insulation boards, extruded boards, and more.
  2. What are the uses of the produced granules? The produced granules are mainly used for packaging, insulation walls, and advertising boards.
  3. How is the equipment’s stability and safety ensured? Each machine is CE certified, providing online or on-site guidance and installation to ensure stability and safety.
  4. What is the production capacity of the line? Depending on the equipment, the capacity ranges from 100 to 300 kg/h.
  5. Is technical support provided? Comprehensive technical support is provided, including online or on-site guidance and installation services.

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