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Comprehensive Solution

shuliy plastic recycling production line, fully automated production line, realizing efficient recycling of resources.

Raw materials are widely applicable

PP, PE plastics, including woven bags, shopping bags, food packaging bags, agricultural insulation film, plastic drums, baskets, toys, etc.; EPE, EPS plastics, such as foam boxes, disposable lunch boxes, thermal insulation boards, corner protectors, fruit net covers, etc., can be processed efficiently.

Simplified and efficient production process

Raw material conveying, cleaning, pelletizing, cooling, cutting, automatic control to ensure production efficiency and product quality.

Local raw materials not sure if they can be processed? Parameters not sure?

Contact us at any time, according to customer demand, to provide customized production line design, to meet different sizes and specific needs, to help enterprises quickly respond to market changes!

plastic rigid material Granulation Line

The PP PE flake recycling line is a comprehensive system designed to efficiently convert hard plastic waste into valuable plastic pellets. It includes essential components like crushers, washing machines, and pelletizers, and is scalable from 200 to 2000kg/h to meet diverse production demands. The process prioritizes environmental sustainability and operational efficiency, making it an ideal solution for repurposing a wide range of plastic materials.

Plastic Film Recycling and Pelletizing Line

Plastic film recycling and pelletizing line, automated and efficient processing of candy, snack, and clothing packaging wastes into high-quality plastic pellets, used for manufacturing plastic bags, toys, etc.

Upgrading equipment? Improve productivity? Optimize costs?

shuliy offers a wide range of reliable, cost-effective and feature-rich plastic recycling related equipment:

Plastic Shredder machines

Mainly used for crushing pp/pe plastic products, such as plastic bags, woven bags, shopping bags, food packaging bags, agricultural insulation plastics, plastic buckets, plastic baskets, plastic toys and so on.

Plastic Cleaning Machine

Remove oil, glue, soil and other impurities on plastic products, eliminate plastic trademarks, bottle caps, and separate clean plastic pieces and pollutants to facilitate the next step.

Plastic Dryer machine

Dewatering the cleaned plastic pieces to facilitate the next step of plastic pelletizing.

Plastic Granulator machine

The core equipment of the plastic recycling process, melting, extruding and cutting the cleaned plastic pieces into reusable plastic granules.

If we don’t have a machine that meets your needs, we customize our equipment and parameters to meet your specific business requirements.
We strongly recommend that you consult our experts!

Reduce Plastic Pollution, Protect the Environment

Environmental Protection and Profitability Go Hand in Hand — By choosing Shuliy plastic recycling machines, you contribute to reducing plastic pollution and achieve dual growth in economic benefits. Our machines, with their outstanding performance and reliability, ensure that your investment brings continuous returns. Join us in safeguarding the planet and creating green wealth together.

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global cases

Serving customers and solving customer needs is an important driving force for our sustainable development.

  • Romania – PET Bottle Crushing and Washing Line

    The Romanian customer expressed satisfaction with the PET bottle crushing and washing line

  • Tanzania – plastic film recycling and pelletizing line

    The customer purchased a 200 kg/h plastic film recycling and pelletizing line, which was personally inspected and highly appreciated by the customer.

  • Saudi Arabia – EPE EPS Plastic Foam Granulating Line

    Helping a Saudi Arabian client achieve efficient foam plastic recycling.