In the field of plastic recycling and reuse, the PP PE Hard Plastic Granulation Solution stands out with its high cost-performance ratio and excellent performance, becoming a leading choice in the plastic recycling industry. Our production line consists of a series of precision equipment, including conveyors, crushers, flotation tanks, dehydrators, conveyors, plastic granulators, cooling tanks, and pelletizers, which work together to ensure efficient transformation from raw materials to finished products.

Work Process:

  1. Automatic Feeding: The conveyor automatically feeds hard PP PE bottles, barrels, boxes, and other raw materials into the production line.
  2. Crushing: The PP PE crusher quickly crushes the raw materials into small pieces, preparing for subsequent cleaning.
  3. Flotation Washing: In the flotation tank, the broken plastic pieces are cleaned of impurities through the action of water flow.
  4. Drying: The dehydrator efficiently removes moisture from the plastic pieces, preparing them for the granulation process.
  5. Forced Feeding: The automatic feeder ensures that the plastic pieces are evenly fed into the granulator, improving the efficiency of granulation.
  6. Plastic Granule Manufacturing: The main and auxiliary plastic granulators work together to produce high-quality plastic granules.
  7. Cooling: The cooling tank cools the newly made plastic granules to facilitate subsequent cutting.
  8. Pelletizing: The pelletizer cuts the cooled plastic granules into standard sizes, completing the entire production process.

Performance Parameters:

No.Equipment NameTechnical Data
1ConveyorPower: 3kw Size: Length 5m, Width 0.8m Capacity: 1000-1200kg/h
2PP PE CrusherModel: 1000 Power: 37kw+11kw Capacity: 1000kg/h
3Belt ConveyorPower: 1.5kw Size: (L) 4m* (W) 0.6m Capacity: 800-1200kg/h
4Automatic FeederPower: 3kw Capacity: 800-1200kg/h
5Main Plastic Pelleting MachineModel: LY-F300 Power: 7.5kw Capacity: 800kg/h
6Auxiliary Plastic Pelleting MachineModel: SL-220 Screw Diameter: 220mm Screw Length: L1.6m Motor: 22+18.5kw
7Plastic Pellet Bagging MachineModel: SL-260 Screw Diameter: 260mm Screw Length: 3.6m Motor: 110kw
8Auxiliary Plastic Pelleting Machine (Extra)Power: 1.5kw Size: 100012001100mm Model: SL-220 Screw Diameter: 220mm Screw Length: L1.6m Motor: 22+18.5kw

Customer Cases:

  • Ethiopian Plastic Granulation Production Line: Our customer in Ethiopia’s recycling factory has successfully transformed waste plastics into high-quality recycled granules using our PP PE plastic granulation solution. Learn More
  • Tanzania Plastic Crushing Machine: A customer from Tanzania selected our SL-800 plastic crushing machine for use in their recycling factory. Learn More
  • Oman Customer Visit: A customer from Oman showed a keen interest in our plastic bottle recycling machines and was highly impressed with the quality and advanced technology of our machines. Learn More
  • Nigerian PET Bottle Recycling Factory: Our equipment has helped a PET bottle recycling factory in Nigeria to achieve efficient production and create market value. Learn More
  • Indonesian LDPE Film Washing and Drying Recycling Plant: We provided a customized solution, including a plastic washing machine and a plastic dewatering machine, to meet the client’s demand for high efficiency and high-quality recycled LDPE pellets. Learn More
  • Côte d’Ivoire PP PE Plastic Shredding and Granulation Line Feedback: A customer in Côte d’Ivoire is very satisfied with the PP PE plastic shredding and granulation line we provided and has officially put it into production. Learn More