Romania – PET Bottle Crushing and Washing Line

In early 2022, a factory owner from Romania contacted us, showing great interest in a PET bottle crushing and washing line. After initial email communication, we thoroughly understood his needs and the local market situation. Given the local emphasis on plastic recycling, we recommended a PET bottle crushing and washing line with a capacity of 200 kg/h.

After several rounds of in-depth phone calls, we adjusted the design based on the customer’s feedback to ensure the equipment could meet local operational requirements. Once the final plan was confirmed, the customer quickly placed an order. The delivery and installation process went smoothly, with our technical team providing comprehensive on-site guidance and training to ensure efficient operation of the equipment.

Upon completion of the installation, the customer expressed satisfaction with the performance and cleaning results of the equipment, particularly appreciating our after-sales service and prompt responses. This cooperation also gave us more insights into the Romanian market, laying a foundation for future collaborations.

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