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Plastic Dewatering machines

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  • Plastic pellet vertical dewatering machine

    The vertical dewatering machine is indispensable in plastic recycling, effectively lifting and drying materials post-washing. Equipped with a robust cleaning system and automatic conveying, it ensures efficient dehydration through centrifugal force. Available in models SL-500 and SL-600, these durable machines offer high capacity and customizable features, making them a cost-effective solution for enhancing recycling productivity.
  • Plastic granule horizontal dewatering machine

    The horizontal plastic pellet dehydrator machine is designed for efficient water removal from washed plastic materials. It operates using centrifugal force within a perforated drum, suitable for a variety of materials including PP/PE flakes and PET bottles. The SL-550 model features an automatic feeding and discharging system, stainless steel construction, and a high-precision temperature controller for optimized dewatering and cleaning processes.

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