Vertical dewatering machine for plastic granules, designed for materials such as plastic film and waste woven bags, is available in two models SL-500 and SL-600, both with centrifugal working principle.The SL-500 model has a power of 7.5kw and the SL-600 model has a power of 15kw, both are equipped with a 12-month warranty.

The equipment automatically lifts the washed plastic film and waste woven bag material and dries it. It is usually installed at the end of the washing tank to replace the manual feeding, improve the cleaning efficiency and automation level, save labor, improve the cleaning quality, reduce the power consumption, and can form an automated production line with the automatic conveying equipment.

The working process includes: after the plastic material is crushed and cleaned in the washing tank, the dewatering machine removes water and extracts some impurities at the end of the washing tank.

The dewatering machine is suitable for removing water from plastic film, waste woven bag material, sheet material, tanning material, etc. After drying, the plastic chips will be fed into an automatic feeder, after which the plastic pellet making machine will start making plastic pellets.

Structurally, the dewatering machine is equipped with powerful cyclone cleaning, automatic conveying, self-absorption function, high-speed extraction centrifugal dewatering and flow-guiding device, and the working speed can be adjusted from 900 to 1500 rpm, and it can be equipped with a gas pedal.

Advantages of choosing plastic pellet vertical dewatering machine:

  1. Enhanced handling capacity: designed to handle large quantities of plastic material and improve the overall efficiency of the production line. The high capacity feature makes continuous operation possible, optimizing the production process.
  2. Excellent dewatering performance: efficiently removes water and moisture from the plastic material, ensuring the quality of the final product. Enables rapid dewatering while maintaining material integrity.
  3. Long-term reliability: Manufactured with wear-resistant materials and high-grade components to ensure long-term stable operation, reducing maintenance frequency and potential downtime.
  4. Flexible, customized solutions: Customized services are available to meet specific needs, whether it is to resize the machine, improve specific features, or integrate it into an existing production line.

Vertical dewaterers for plastic pellets are the equipment of choice in the plastic recycling and processing industry due to their high efficiency and reliable performance.