PP PE plastic crushing and washing machine

Good news! A customer from Tanzania has selected Shuliy Machinery for his recycling plant. He has placed an order for a plastic crushing machine, which has now been manufactured and is set to be shipped to Tanzania.

Order and Manufacturing Process:
The customer engaged in thorough communication with us to confirm their requirements and the machine’s specifications. Once the order was finalized, our engineering team promptly began the fabrication process for the customer’s plastic pulverizer. Our engineers and technicians meticulously design and manufacture the crusher machine according to the customer’s needs to ensure it aligns with their expectations.

Shipping and Delivery:
After the production and quality inspection, the customer’s plastic crusher has been prepared for transportation. We collaborate with dependable logistics partners to guarantee that the machine is safely and promptly shipped to the location specified by the customer. We also furnish our customers with comprehensive installation and operation instructions to ensure they can properly utilize and maintain the machine.

Details of the Crushing Machine:

Model: SL-800
Box Board Thickness: 30mm
Fixed Knife Holder Thickness: 50mm
Knife Configuration: 5 knives, with 3 movable and 2 fixed
Control Cabinet: 1
Additionally, we have provided the customer with a complimentary set of knives and a screen.

Through this collaboration, Shuliy Machinery has not only demonstrated its expertise in the field of plastic recycling to the Tanzanian customer but also shown a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and a commitment to product quality. The delivery of this SL-800 plastic crushing machine signifies that the Tanzanian recycling plant will be able to process plastic waste more efficiently, contributing to the local environmental cause.